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[22 Jan 2005|12:55pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

I made a new LJ.
I plan on adding everyone that currently occupies my friends list here.
I also plan on leaving that LJ public.
This one might be dead. I don't know...

I've got to go.


(That's five _'s. 0-4 were already being used. Fuckers.)

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[24 Jun 2004|11:52pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

Raeann is my hero. For real. So, I was in the bathroom and I had just finished putting on my contacts.I had lost all hope that anyone was going to go with me.[See previous post.] Phone rings. Hmm. Who's that? Raeann! Returning my call! I asked her if she was going to go to the show and such. She said she'd call me if she went. I was about to leave and phone rings again. Yay! She's going!

I was happy beyond belief. Someone pulled through and I didn't have to go alone!

So I leave. I get there right before the first band plays. I'm sorry. I wasn't close enough, so pictures are like..bad. I didn't bother making attempts to get good ones. So the first band! A group of extremely attractive boys. Hello Goodbye. They were really good. I couldn't help but stare at the drummer. He looked really young. He was amazingly hot. Okay. Here's what I was thinking. If Dale and Eric had a love child, the drummer would be it. When they finished the set I was like "Man. Did you see that hot drummer?" "They'll probably be back there right now." "Yeah. There he goes." And walks by. Gahhh. "Go take a picture with him!" "No! I'm scared."

While we were waiting for the next band to show up, I was wandering around, staring at the drummer boy. Gah. Hot. He went to get a drink and Raeann's like "Go over and casually order a soda." "No! I'm scared!" God. I'm so fucking lame.

Up next, Maxeen. It was kinda strange. They kept announcing themselves, and it was like, they were talking to me. [My name's Maxine, in case you forgot.] Heh. They were really good too. I wanted to buy their CD's...but I spent all my money on getting in. Oh well. Later.

While waiting for the next band, the bassist from MCS came by and told us that they were playing this prank on the next band, so when they came out, just leave. Raeann says "Are you going to buy me a soda if I do?" totally not expecting anything of it..."Yeah! That can be done." I'm just sitting there laughing at how awesome she is. The bassist dude comes back and asks what kind of soda she wants, then he went and bought it. That was just awesome. Rew dumped some water on my head. I was worried that my bangs would curl up, but it was cool.

The next band came out. Limbeck. They're the only ones I wasn't too fond of. I mean, they were good, just not...I don't know. I didn't like em too much. I don't think I took any pictures of them. Eh.

Then, we wandered around for another bit, and I stared at the drummer boy some more. I'm going to do some research on him. I'll get back to you on that. There were a lot of little skirt wearing groupie wannabe girls hanging all over him. Meh. I think I'm in love with him. He was just so pretty. Mannnuh! HIS NAME IS CHRIS PROFETA. I can't find pictures of him. =( He was cute.

Then, Motion City Soundtrack. I was in the back, but hey, Skrappy's is small. I saw fine. I was getting into the show a little more, and shuffling my feet to the music. It was good. I took a few pictures, but they suck. =\ So, I'm waiting on My Favorite Accident, and they don't play it...UNTIL LAST! Man. I was dancing like mad. I was singing along and everything...the words I knew anyways. So my mouth is moving...then YOU SAID WE WERE AN ACCIDENT! And, yeah. Hah. I'm so cool.

So the show's over and drummer boy is surrounded by little girls, so we go make our phone calls for rides while sitting comfortably on the pool table. Then the MCS lead singer dude comes out, and I whip out my camera and ask to take a picture. "Yeah! Sure. I'm feeling very attractive right now too." I laughed at the obviously sarcastic remark, because he was all sweaty and his hair was messed up. Raeann took the picture and he commented on the three flashes.[My camera is weird.] Rew told him about the very nice bassist that they had. Hah, so I thanked him, told him that they put on an amazing show, and he walked off to the merch table.

So, I will be purchasing CD's from all bands, except Limbeck. I was neither amazed or enthralled.

All in all, it was a great night. I'm glad I went. I have a massive headache. Could be because the only thing I've eaten all day was some cold chicken this morning...but the loud music might have something to do with it. FUN! Tomorrow, Hedwig. I'll be out till 3 and I'm excited.


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